Advanced workspace management

The advanced workspace management features of Rocket.Chat offers a range of functionalities that can be customized to suit the unique needs of any workspace. From managing users and channels to integrating with third-party applications, the advanced workspace management features provide a robust framework for efficient team collaboration. The security offerings ensure that your communication remains safe, while platform enhancements improve the overall user experience.
Authentication: Authenticate users into your Rocket.Chat workspace through LDAP, SAML, OpenID, and OAuth.
Google Cloud Features: Implement various Google Cloud features in your workspace—for example, Google Auto-Translate.
Environment Variables: Configure your workspace settings using environment variables.
Identity management (EE vs. CE): Learn the differences between community and enterprise editions while using Identity Management Systems.
Notifications: Update your workspace notification preferences.
Database Migration: Configure the database migration collection.
Restoring an Admin User: Restore an admin user based on your workspace installation.
CDN: Use a CDN to serve static assets such as JS, CSS, and images to your workspace.
Troubleshooting: Common workspace management troubleshooting techniques.
Client Compatibility Matrix: Mobile and desktop clients with their supported Rocket.Chat releases.
To learn more, go to workspace administration. If these guides don't meet your needs, you can contact us via support.