Advanced workspace management

Rocket.Chat provides advanced workspace management features, offering a range of customizable functionalities to suit the unique needs of any workspace. From managing users and channels to integrating with third-party applications, the advanced workspace management features provide a robust framework for efficient team collaboration. The security offerings ensure that your communication remains safe, while platform enhancements improve the overall user experience.

Google Cloud Features: Implement various Google Cloud features in your workspace—for example, Google Auto-Translate.

Environment Variables: Configure your workspace settings using environment variables.

Notifications: Update your workspace notification preferences.

Database Migration: Configure the database migration collection.

Restoring an Admin User: Restore an admin user based on your workspace installation.

CDN: Use a CDN to serve static assets such as JS, CSS, and images to your workspace.

Troubleshooting: Common workspace management troubleshooting techniques.

Client Compatibility Matrix: Mobile and desktop clients with their supported Rocket.Chat releases.

To learn more about workspace management, please refer to Workspace Administration. If these guides don't meet your needs, you can contact us via support.

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