License Application

Rocket.Chat License unlocks additional functionality included with your purchased plan. To be able to utilize these functionalities, you need to activate your workspace with a license.
This guide outlines how to add a license to your SaaS or Self-Managed workspace.

License on SaaS Workspaces

I have a workspace from trial

If you created your workspace from SaaS trial you can get a license for your workspace by
  • Navigating to Administration > Workspace > Connectivity Services
  • Click on Sync to sync the workspace to Rocket.Chat cloud
The Enterprise License gets applied to your workspace, and you can manage your cloud workspace Rocket.Chat Cloud.

I have a workspace provisioned by Rocket.Chat

If your workspace was provisioned by Rocket.Chat, you can access and get it set up by following the:

I do not have a workspace

To get a new SaaS workspace, you can use any of the following methods

License on Self-Managed Workspaces

After successfully deploying your Rocket.Chat workspace applying license is possible with any of the following means depending on the type of workspace.
  • Online Workspace: The Rocket.Chat workspace has access to the internet
  • Offline or Air-gapped workspace: The Rocket.Chat workspace deployed has restricted or no internet access.
To apply a license to a self-managed workspace, you are required to Register your workspace.
Below are links to guides explaining how this can be archived

Online Workspace

Offline Workspace