Rocket.Chat Cloud

You can request a free full featured trial of Rocket.Chat

You will have a server up and running, professionally managed, without installations, configuration, maintenance and management head-aches. Just go to and get your team up and running in seconds.


How long do trials last?

Currently trials last 14 days.

How can I convert from a trial to a paid plan?

Our trials are fully featured. So if you enter your card information in the billing section of the Cloud Console your trial will automatically convert to a paid plan at the end of the trial period.

What Payment option are available?

Currently only credit/debit cards are accepted.

How can I change my card info?

If you need to change your card information please access the billing section of the Cloud Console.

Note: You currently can't delete the last payment method if you have an active subscription.

How do I cancel my trial?

You can cancel your Rocket.Chat workplace directly within the Cloud Console.

How do I contact support?

Send an email to to open a new support ticket. Please always include the workspace address to ensure best service.

How can I get a data export?

Send an email to with the address of your workspace. Note: The request will take some time to fullfill.

What regions do you have available?

We currently have:

  • US (Virginia)

  • EU (Frankfurt)

If you would like to see a region that we don't have available please let us know.

Additional Info

You can find additional information in our support knowledge base found here:‚Äč