Rocket.Chat Cloud

Rocket.Chat Cloud is a centralized portal for managing your workspaces, enabling you to connect them to Rocket.Chat Cloud services. With Rocket.Chat, you can opt for either a cloud-hosted workspace or a self-hosted workspace, tailoring your experience to suit your specific needs.
Key benefits of connecting your workspace to Rocket.Chat Cloud includes:
All workspaces must be registered on Rocket.Chat cloud and within our support window to access cloud services.
Create your new cloud account: Get started with Rocket.Chat cloud by creating a new account.
Manage your cloud account: Manage your workspace subscriptions, view invoices, and review payment methods.
Cloud FAQs: Frequently asked questions on Rocket.Chat Cloud.
This guide will walk you through the different offerings of Rocket.Chat Cloud. You'll learn how to manage your workspaces, optimize your cloud account, select subscription plans and add-ons.
Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.