HubSpot CRM
Integration between Rocket.Chat and HubSpot CRM
You can add HubSpot CRM to your Rocket.Chat account to manage the contacts and receive HubSpot ticket notifications in Rocket.Chat. Once Rocket.Chat integrated into HubSpot, the HubSpot bot will be added to your Rocket.Chat account.

Before you get started

  • You must have the Omnichannel feature enabled and agents and managers assigned to receive and send Omnichannel messages.
  • Migrate an API key integration to a private app: If you've built a Rocket.Chat and HubSpot CRM integration that uses a HubSpot API key, you need to complete the migration over to your private app, remove all references to the HubSpot API key from your code, and use the approach to use your private app's access token.
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