Search Messages in Discussion

Rocket.Chat search supports basic search commands, including the use of regular expressions. Regular expressions provide flexibility to search chat entries in any language, even those traditionally challenging, like "CJK" languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean).

Basic Search Commands

You can use the following commands before or after entering search terms in a discussion:

  • from:me - To search for messages only created by the current user.

  • - To search for messages created by a specific user. The username entered must be the format without spaces (i.e., "john.doe" and not "John Doe.") Search for any mentions of a user by searching for their username.

  • has:star - Returns messages that the current user stars.

  • is:pinned or has:pin- Returns messages that pin in the current discussion.

  • has:url or has:link - Returns messages that contain a link.

  • has:location or has:map -Returns messages that have a location attached.

  • before:dd/mm/yyyy, after:dd/mm/yyyy and on:dd/mm/yyyy - Return message created before, after, or on the provided date. Dashes dd-mm-yyyy or dots can be used instead of slashes.

  • order:desc, order:descend, or order:descending - Sorts messages by descending timestamp.

    You can also jump to where a message is located by hovering the mouse over the search result and selecting jump to message.

Last updated

Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.