Accessing your workspace FAQs

Q: How do I access my workspace in Rocket.Chat?

A: Open your browser and go to the URL provided by your administrator, which will be in the format of "". Enter your username and password to log in.

Q: Can I access my workspace through a mobile device?

A: Yes, Rocket.Chat provides mobile applications for both iOS and Android. You can download these from their respective app stores. Once installed, enter your workspace URL and login details to access your workspace.

Q: How can I access my workspace if I forget the URL of my Rocket.Chat workspace?

A: If you forget the URL of your Rocket.Chat workspace, you should contact your workspace administrator or IT department. They can provide you with the correct URL.

Q: I'm having trouble logging in to my workspace, what can I do?

A: Ensure you've entered the correct workspace URL and login details correctly. If you've forgotten your password, use the Forgot your password? link on the login page. If problems persist, contact your workspace administrator.

Q: Can I switch between multiple workspaces in Rocket.Chat?

A: You can switch between different workspaces by adding a new server. Click on the dropdown menu next to your workspace name (top left corner), then click Add new server.

Q: Can I access Rocket.Chat offline?

A: Rocket.Chat requires an internet connection for real-time messaging. However, if you've accessed some chats while online, you may be able to see them offline due to caching, depending on your app or browser settings.


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