Assign roles for users in federated rooms

In Rocket.Chat rooms, users have different roles. However, roles in federated rooms differ slightly from the regular Rocket.Chat room roles.

Federated rooms support three roles:

  • Owner: Owners have full control over the room, including inviting users, assigning roles, and managing room activities.

  • Moderator: Moderators can manage user actions and details of the room. They can invite users, assign new moderators, remove users from the room, and edit the room name and topic.

  • User: Users can send and perform message actions in the room. They cannot perform any room management-related tasks. It is the default role for every room member.

Matrix uses the concept of power levels to define room roles, with the owner as admin, then the moderator, and the user as default.

  • Rocket.Chat global roles are not supported in federated rooms. It doesn't matter if they are Room Scoped.

  • For rooms created using Element as a Matrix client, only Owners (admins) can assign room roles/permissions. Navigate to Room info > Room settings > Roles & Permission on Element and update the Change permissions room setting toModerator. Otherwise, Moderators using Rocket.Chat in that room cannot assign roles to other users.

  • Rooms that are created with Element have a set of room permission possibilities. Changing the permissions for event-specific features in a room can lead to unexpected behavior for federated users on Rocket.Chat.

The main rules for assigning roles in federated rooms are:

  • Only room owners (admins) can assign roles once the room is created.

  • All users added to federated rooms start with a user role by default.

  • Users with the same role cannot assign each other roles (promote/demote)

  • If a user promotes another user to a role as powerful as their own, such as a room owner appointing another room owner, this action cannot be undone.

  • Users who are demoted cannot regain their previous privileges unless the role is re-assigned by a user with the necessary permission.

Other rules, such as room owners being unable to demote themselves if they are the last room owner, follow the same principles as regular Rocket.Chat rooms.

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