Salesforce CRM Agent's Guide
If you have Salesforce CRM integration in place and a user sends you a message,
It appears in your Rocket.Chat workspace just like any other omnichannel conversation, as shown below:
But you can see your Salesforce CRM Integration in action as soon as you Click Take It! to serve this conversation.

Create Contact

If it is a new visitor, you can create their contact inside your Salesforce CRM from within Rocket.Chat.

Contact Info

If it is an existing contact, you can view their contact info, as shown below:

View Cases

You can view their cases from within Rocket.Chat.

Create Cases

You can create a new case for them from within Rocket.Chat.
You can also view the Tasks, Events, and Calls for this visitor.
Use /salesforce help command to see all the slash commands we have made available to you in this integration.