Teams Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition

To be released in 3.14
The Enterprise edition should bring all functionalities available in Community Edition and additionally the ones below:

Mention teams

With Teams, you don’t need to remember everyone’s name to communicate with a team quickly. Just mention a Team — @engineers, for instance — and all members will be instantly notified. This feature is currently available for Enterprise customers.

AD / LDAP Sync

Using Teams is a piece of cake for IT teams that already mapped their organization’s teams through Active Directory Groups or Keycloak. The feature connects Rocket.Chat to your company’s infrastructure at ease, so whenever you update a department or user information, Rocket.Chat will receive those updates in real-time too.
That’s particularly beneficial if you manage large teams, constantly creating or deactivating members. The feature ensures that as you update your workgroups and new members are added or deleted, Rocket.Chat’s teams are automatically aligned with it. This feature is expected for the next release (May).