Upgrading Rocket.Chat
Rocket.Chat ships updates frequently to introduce new capabilities, fix bugs and in some cases address potential security issues. Each of these updates improves Rocket.Chat to provide valuable and secure capabilities to our users.
Workspace admins should monitor new releases and our release notes here to determine whether updates should be applied to their workspace. We recommend that workspaces are kept current with Rocket.Chat releases.
As of the time of this writing, the current version of Rocket.Chat is 4.6.3using Node version 14.18.3
For a successful upgrade, it is recommended not to skip any major version. That is, say you want to move from version 1.x.x to say 4.x.x, you need to traverse chronologically 1.x.x -> 2.x.x -> 3.x.x -> 4.x.x. Ideally, it's even better to make more granular steps, and not skip more than two minor versions at a time.
This will prevent a couple of issues.
Upgrading Rocket.Chat on Docker
Upgrading Rocket.Chat Snap
Upgrading Rocket.Chat Digital Ocean Oneclick Install
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