Message Auditing Log

Review log history of users who have accessed the Message Auditing Panel.
The Message Audit Log allows you to verify who run audits and when a conversation was inspected. The user must have an auditor-log role and Can Audit Log permission to access the Audit Logs.
To access the message auditing log,
  • Navigate to Administration > Audit > Logs.
If you are interested in the entire log history, clear the start and end date fields. The full log history results are returned, from the oldest audits to the most recent. However, if you want to see who audited messages within a specific time frame, select the start (left) and end dates(right). The
three-dots icon also provides other time options like Today, This Week, etc.
The message auditing logs returns a table with following information:
  • Username : The name, username, and avatar of the auditors.
  • Looked for : The search term of each audit.
  • When : The date and time when each audit was made.
  • Results: The number of search results returned by each audit.
  • Filters: Filters that were applied for each audit depending on the type of audit.

Assign Message Audit Log Permission to Specific Users

The Audit Log permissions grant users access to Message Audit Log features. As a workspace administrator, you can assign this permssion **** to any role you want to give audit log access to.
To assign message audit permissions,
  • Navigate to Administration > Workspace > Permissions.
  • To access the Message Auditing Panel, check the Can Audit Log box under the role you want to assign.